The beetroot is the taproot portion of the best plant.In North America it is known as the beet, table beet, garden beet ,red beet or golden beet. 

The beetroot comes in various colours red, white and golden.

Beetroot can be used to make chutneys,salads,juices and even main dishes. 

My recipe will focus mostly on the red beetroot. 

The beetroot deep purple roots are eaten boiled, roasted or raw combined with any salad vegetable. The leaves are also edible. For the young small leaves they can be eaten raw combined with any salad but for the mature ones, they are boiled or steamed and have a texture like spinach. 

300g Beetroot 

25g White sugar

30ml Olive oil

60g Sweet Corn


Wash the beetroot till they are thoroughly clean and all the mud is off. 

Boil them in water till they are soft. 

Drain the water and shock(prevent from further cooking) them with cold water or ice. Once they are cool you can peel their skin under running water. 

Cut the beetroot into cubes. Season with sugar and olive oil and mix well. 

Add the sweetcorn and mix well. 

Serve in a bowl or on a bead of shredded lettuce 


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