​January has been a gruelling month. Like most people, I was cash strapped. You can only imagine my sense of relief when pay day came. After a long day at work, I decided to treat myself to a special dinner.
Being exhausted, I needed something that would not take long to prepare but was still classy and tasty.
I settled on some  grilled beef steak with sautèd vegetables. 
When it comes to meat  Im a lover of beef. While cooking meat, you must keep in mind the doneness you desire. There are different levels of doneness. Do you prefer your meat rare, medium rare, medium well, or well done?
I prefer mine rare or medium rare. Most people prefer their meat well done. For most people when meat is rare they think it is uncooked, but this is not the case. In fact when preparing meat to rare or medium rare doneness is preferrable because it leaves the meat tender and juicy. Well done meat on the other hand tends to be rather too dry.But whatever your preference I wont judge.


I seasoned my steak with paprika and salt.

Sprinkle some cooking oil on a grilling pan and make sure the pan is hot before placing your meat.Then place your steak on it and grill both sides to your desired doneness.

For the vegetables I used carrots and baby marrows.I decided to cut them to slightly thick juliennes .Well, a julienne cut  is basically done by cutting the vegetables into short,thin strips. 

For the vegetables I blanched them first. I brought some salty water to boil and placed the baby marrows in the water for 3 minutes and carrots 5minutes. The vegetables should not be fully cooked but should rather be croquant. 

Bring some butter to melt in a cooking pan and toss the vegetables and toss shortly for two minutes.Tossing with butter adds flavor and gives the vegetables a glossy appearance. 


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