The older the cheese the greater the flavor. No one can resist the thought of a stringy, aromatic cheese in their mouth, the thought is enough to make one salivate.For a fact cheese makes the culinary world go round because of its distinctive taste and flavor.Cheese can be used in preparation of main dishes, soups, sandwiches, salads and also as an accompaniment for different beverages. But for one to use cheese he or she must have adequate knowledge.


Feta is a soft cheese that originated from Greece. It has a tangy and salty flavor that ranges from mild and sharp, this is because it is made from sheep milk or a mixture of sheep and goat milk. The cheese appears to be white in color with small or no holes. High quality feta should have a creamy texture and an aroma of ewe’s milk, butter and yogurt all wrapped in one. These cheese is recommended for those watching their weight, this is because it is low in fat and rich in vitamins A and K. It is mostly used in salads (Greek salad) and also in pastries.

Feta cheese


Mozzarella was traditionally made in Italy from Buffalo’s Milk, but as time changed people devised a mechanism to use ordinary milk in the production of this cheese. Generally the cheese appears to be white in color but this may vary to slightly yellow depending on the animals diet.While purchasing mozzarella it is advisable to purchase one that is low in moisture this is because it can be refrigerated for a month. The good thing about mozzarella is once it is shredded its shelf life increases up to 6 months. No aging is needed, in fact it can be eaten the moment its made.

Normally the cheese is famously known for making pizza, it can also be used in some pasta dishes or salads such as Caprese Salad.



This is a hard semi hard cheese that originated from an English Village, Cheddar in Somerset. Cows milk as a major ingredient makes the cheese appear pale yellow in color or a yellow-orange color when infused some certain plant extracts. The cheese has a sharp and pungent flavor that makes it suitable for making dishes like buggers, cheese straws and various potato dishes like potato gratin .

The aging process roughly takes 3 months to 2 years depending on the variety



The name originated from a town in Netherlands known as Gouda where the cheese is highly produced. It is semi hard in texture and is  made from cows milk and is mild yellow in color with a smooth and creamy texture.It is aged from 3 months to 36 months. After aging the ones that have been aged for a shorter period are served as beer accompaniments and the ones aged longer are often served as wine accompaniments. It is also commonly used in sandwiches, omelets, pastas and even in quiche.

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This is a hard cheese that is used in all areas of the world this is because of its signature taste and flavor. It originated from Italy and its name is derived from the four areas where the cheese is produced (Parma, Reggio, Emilia, Bologana, Modena and Mantua) . It takes roughly between one year and three years to age.

The cheese is often used when grated. Best works in soups, pasta dishes,grated over salads and risottos.


6. BRIE.

Brie is a soft cheese originated from Ile-de-France. It is made from cows milk and is left to mature for roughly 5 to 6 weeks. If the cheese is left to age longer it becomes stronger in taste and flavor, the pate becomes drier and darker,the rind becomes darker and crumbly. Normally while the cheese is being made cream is added to it making it rich in milk fat content and creamier in texture. It has a mild nutty, fruity and grassy taste accompanied with a creamy and buttery taste.

These cheese is quite similar to Camembert the main difference comes in the milk fat content, the area of origin and the packaging.Brie is sold in wedges. It is used in making some sandwiches, used in some pasta dishes and appetizers like Bruschetta.



Camembert is a soft cheese that originated from North West France .It is made from cows milk that makes the cheese bloomy, have an edible rind and a creamy interior texture. Compared to Brie it has a deeper, more earthly  intense flavor and aroma. It also has low fat content and it is less creamier.It has the same uses like Brie.



8. Manchego.

This Spanish cheese is a product of sheep’s milk and takes a period of 3-12 months to age. The cheese has a compact and firm consistency  and a buttery texture.The surface of the cheese normally has small, unevenly distributed air pockets. Any cheese made from sheep’s milk always has a unique and distinctive flavor.For this cheese the flavor is well-developed but not too strong, creamy with a slight piquancy.And when eaten it leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.



This happens to be one of my favorite because it has a high melting point, this makes it easy to grill and fry. Halloumi is a semi- hard cheese that is made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk. During the process of developing the cheese, some herbs like thyme, rosemary even chili’s  can be incorporated leaving the cheese with an exquisite taste.The color may vary from white to pale-yellow.


10. Chèvre

This is a French classic example of Goat’s cheese, which hits the right note with people who do not care much for cow’s milk. It’s quite healthy, owing to its high potassium and vitamin quantities and low fat content. The earthy taste makes it a highly popular cheese in not just France, but in many other countries. The Chèvre should be soft and mushy enclosed in a harder exterior. This cheese makes for an excellent companion for wine and other spirits.


11. Mascarpone

The cheese originated from Italy.It is made by coagulating cows milk with certain acidic substances like citric acid, vinegar or lemon juice.The Mascarpone looks more like thick cream, which is the base ingredient for its preparation.  cream. Mascarpone is widely used in cheesecakes and scones, or with fresh fruits, it also serves as the main ingredient in an Italian Dessert known as Tiramisu.The cheese has a very short shelf life,it is advised for it to be consumed days after its preparation.

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Please do note that cheese can also be served as a desert eaten with crackers and a glass of (

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